The Organisation

The Organisation

SciCo Cyprus is a non profit organisation whose aim is to communicate scientific issues to the public and other diverse audiences via innovative and entertaining means. SciCo Cyprus was founded in March 2015 in Cyprus and consists of scientists, academics, educators, artists and other people with an interest in everyday science, technology, and innovation. SciCo Cyprus is affiliated with SciCo in Greece.  SciCo operates as a social enterprise.
We offer a wide range of services:

-Delivering talks and workshops on any scientific topic through our large team of talented science communicators
-Event organisation (organisers of the Mediterranean Science Festival, Limassol Cafe Scientifique, and School-Lab Cyprus)
-Dissemination of research results through a variety of methods (we join research consortia as the dissemination partner)
-Science theatre performances
-Interactive corporate training

-Interactive science teaching
-Creation of TV show and science documentary concepts

We are open to any other project involving science, technology, and innovation! Email us, give us a call or find us on Facebook.


The goals of “SciCo” are to:

  • Promote the correct popularization and communication of science
  • Strengthen the image of the researchers/scientists in society
  • Generate interest from young people in science and technology
  • Inform the public on questions that concern their everyday routine and are related to scientific actions and discoveries


Talks & Presentations

SciCo coordinates, delivers and facilitates talks and workshops all around the world aimed at engaging people with science.


SciCo organises, presents and coordinates large scale events to bring together hundreds of people to celebrate science and technology.

Corporate Training

SciCo develops and delivers a range of educational tools based on the specific needs of companies who want to carry out their own training or communication content in an innovative, interactive and enjoyable way.

Content Creation

SciCo specializes in finding creative ways to communicate and create high-quality scientific content to various audiences, using different mediums.

Interactive Teaching - Physical & Digital

SciCo organizes, develops and presents interactive, fun and educational programmes about science for children and adults.


SciCo creates science shows and theatre performances explaining science concepts and phenomena in the most understandable, fun and memorable way, for all ages.


SciCo organises science festivals in order to bring science to the general public in an original and entertaining way.

Science & Technology Dissemination

SciCo undertakes the dissemination of scientific results from research laboratories, consortia or educational programmes on a national and European level.

The Team

Theo is a science communicator and a social entrepreneur. He holds a PhD in Medical Genetics from Kings College London and his Post-Doctoral Research work was in hereditary cancer. He is the Co-Founder and General Manager of SciCo and SciCo Cyprus.

Theodore has led a number of corporate social responsibility campaigns such as the award winning “Ygeia En Gnosei”, “Healthy Kids” and “Through Earth’s eyes” for various organizations and corporations. Among others, he has co-founded and developed the Athens and the Thessaloniki Science Festivals and School Lab, now expanding in Ireland. He has co-organised the “Impact Series”, the first workshops on social entrepreneurship via science and technology in Greece and he is also the curator and founder of TEDMED Live Athens and Health Forward.

In 2011 he was nominated by UNESCO Greece for the Kalinga Science Popularisator Prize and in 2012 he trained with Al Gore to become one of Climate Reality Project Ambassadors. Since 2011 he is the TEDxAthens host presenter and since 2013 he is the President of the Onassis Foundation Scholar’s Association.

Theo has travelled to over 70 countries and in his spare time composes music in piano.

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Odysseas Megalooikonomou
Corporations Relation Manager & Project Leader
Odysseas has a BSc in Material Science from the University of Patras, and an MSc in Industrial Management, Energy Management Systems and Environmental Protection from the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Piraeus.

He is a member of  SciCo - Science Communication based in Greece, where he has the role of Corporations Relation Manager and Project Leader for the past three years, working on various projects such as the Athens Science Festival and Thessaloniki Science Festival - the two biggest science festivals in Greece. He has alsoo worked on the dissemination of the LangTerra European Project, in collaboration with the Research and Innovation Centre - Athena RIC. 
In the past, he has worked as an editor at Prime Media, focusing on technological and environmental subjects, and have been a member of the professional promotion startup, where he participated in the development of the platform's user interface (UI). During his master, he worked in the environmental department of the multinational cement industry TITAN in Athens and also worked in the field of alternative fuels in the subsidiary company of TITAN, GAEA in Sofia. 
Furthermore, he have been involved in numerous volunteering schemes, such as AIESEC, and was part of the organising team of the European Social Impact Award, where we came up with idea of a social business called Early birds that focused mainly on the development of soft skills amongst children.
His hobbies are photography, video games and travelling
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Zoe Cournia
Dr. Zoe Cournia is an Investigator – Lecturer Level at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens working on developing anti-cancer therapeutics.

She studied Chemistry at the University of Athens and then pursued doctoral studies at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and post-doctoral studies at Yale University.

Zoe strives to disseminate health-related issues to other scientists and the public and has served as a co-President of the Yale Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Society in 2008, is an active member of the Editorial Board of the «Chemistry in Cancer Research«-AACR, where she publishes material to raise public awareness of cancer research, and works with SciCo on science outreach activities and maintains SciCo’s blog for science and everyday life.

She also writes in her own “Life is Chemistry” blog, which aims to promote public awareness and understanding of chemistry in everyday life. For her research and social achievements she has earned the AACR Fellowship for Cancer Research in Angiogenesis, the American Brain Tumor Translational Grant, the National Cancer Center Fellowship, and honored with the “Women of Innovation Award” from the Connecticut Technology Council, USA.

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Michalis Fragkiadakis
Michalis Fragiadakis was born and raised in Heraklion, but now lives in beautiful New Smyrna. He studied physics at the University of Athens and has a Master of Nuclear and Particle Physics from the same university. Shortly after acquiring his degree, he turned to theater studying Acting at the Drama School "Archi".

As part of his studies in Physics, he participated in the ALICE experiment at CERN, and has several publications.

He has worked as an actor, director and assistant director in many theater and dance theater productions, and has participated in a series of television advertisements. He has also collaborated with many well-known actors, directors and choreographers.

Working with SciCo has been going on for several years. SciCo enabled him to combine his two great loves, science and theater. As an actor, he has participated in the performances ""Ygeia En Gnosei" (health based on knowledge)" and " The Science of Christmas", but also deals with the scientific , creative and managerial part in various projects.

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Michalis Stangos
Michalis is a creative entrepreneur. He is the founder and co-founder of innovative and traditional companies and organizations.
He is the co-founder of Industry Disruptors – Game Changers (ID-GC), a non-profit organization established with the vision to create an ecosystem that promotes entrepreneurship in the wider Mediterranean and Balkan region, focusing on start-ups and extroversion. He is the Director of Founder Institute in Athens, the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders to build enduring technology companies. From 2012 onwards he is the organizer and coordinator of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Greece. He is also the Curator and Co-founder of Ted Med Live Athens, which took place for the first time in Greece in 2013 as well as co-founder of Scico.
Michalis is the Managing Director and CEO of MSCOMM, an integrated communication agency. He is co-founder of SciCo, and SciCo by belief.
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Julie Kyriazi
ΗR Manager & Environmental Science Educator
Julie Kyriazi is a biologist with graduate studies in Environmental Biology, specializing in molecular mechanisms in species evolution. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Faculty of Primary Education of the University of Athens, specializing in Ecology Education.

She is a member of the non-profit organization SciCo (Science Communication), also working as environmental consultant and scientific advisor for activities regarding Education for the Sustainable Development. Over the last seven years she has designed and applied programs of Education for Sustainability for children aged 4-18 years.

Julie is also serving as Human Resources and Content Manager of the organizing team of the Athens Science Festival. During the last year she has also been involved as a consultant for organizing Science Festivals in Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece, as well as in Cyprus.

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Giannis Sarakatsanis
John Sarakatsanis has studied mathematics but graduated an actor. Since then he plays , directs , writes and teaches theater , television and cinema.

He is the founder of the theater group AbOvo and the artistic director of Bob Theatre Festival.

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Christiana Kazakou
Science Festival Consultant
Christiana Kazakou is an interdisciplinary curator, cultural producer and multi-disciplinary artist based in Athens & London. Her curatorial practice explores interdisciplinarity with an emphasis on art and science projects.

She perceives her role as a curator/programmer to be an active part of the community that communicates concepts to wider audiences. Driven by novel ideas; her curatorial practice explores the performativity of exhibition displays, audience participation and interaction, immersive environments, sound art, art – science and performance while she explores collaborative and alternative processes of interpretation through new media and site specification.

Christiana studied Art & Science (MA) at Central Saint Martins and she has also attended a ‘Digital Curation’ course at the UCL & ‘Expanding exhibitions: Innovative approaches to curating’ at the Node Center of Curatorial Studies in Berlin. In addition her academic record includes Financial Economics (BSc), Arts Management (MA) and Creative Writing & Practical Journalism (Dip) at Goldsmiths. In her free time she enjoys researching & creating, travelling and exploring new cultural destinations.

For further information please see &

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Julianna Photopoulos
Julianna is a science writer, filmmaker and general science communication nerd. She holds a biology degree with masters in both developmental genetics and science communication.

She has produced and presented award-winning radio programmes, written and translated articles for various print and online publications, and has been involved in numerous film productions for the BBC Natural History Unit, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, the European Parliament and many others. Additionally, she has worked on various direct science communication projects in the UK, including science festivals and events. In 2011, she ran the UK national science film competition SciCast for schools and young people.

She has been a member of SciCo since 2014 and is part of the organisational team of Athens Science Festival and Thessaloniki Science Festival.

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