Talks & Presentations

SciCo coordinates, delivers and facilitates talks and workshops all around the world aimed at engaging people with science.

Corporate Training

SciCo develops and delivers a range of educational tools based on the specific needs of companies who want to carry out their own training or communication content in an innovative, interactive and enjoyable way.


SciCo organises, presents and coordinates large scale events to bring together hundreds of people to celebrate science and technology.

Content Creation

SciCo specializes in finding creative ways to communicate and create high-quality scientific content to various audiences, using different mediums.


SciCo creates science shows and theatre performances explaining science concepts and phenomena in the most understandable, fun and memorable way, for all ages.

Interactive Teaching

SciCo organizes, develops and presents interactive, fun and educational programmes about science for children and adults.


SciCo organises science festivals in order to bring science to the general public in an original and entertaining way.

Science & Technology Dissemination

SciCo undertakes the dissemination of scientific results from research laboratories, consortia or educational programmes on a national and European level.